Get user operating system with PHP

Get our operating system using PHP,

function getOS($userAgent) {
// Create list of operating systems with operating system name as array key
$oses = array (
‘iPhone’ => ‘(iPhone)’,
‘Windows 3.11’ => ‘Win16’,
‘Windows 95’ => ‘(Windows 95)|(Win95)|(Windows_95)’, // Use regular expressions as value to identify operating system
‘Windows 98’ => ‘(Windows 98)|(Win98)’,
‘Windows 2000’ => ‘(Windows NT 5.0)|(Windows 2000)’,
‘Windows XP’ => ‘(Windows NT 5.1)|(Windows XP)’,
‘Windows 2003’ => ‘(Windows NT 5.2)’,
‘Windows Vista’ => ‘(Windows NT 6.0)|(Windows Vista)’,
‘Windows 7’ => ‘(Windows NT 6.1)|(Windows 7)’,
‘Windows NT 4.0’ => ‘(Windows NT 4.0)|(WinNT4.0)|(WinNT)|(Windows NT)’,
‘Windows ME’ => ‘Windows ME’,
‘Open BSD’=>’OpenBSD’,
‘Sun OS’=>’SunOS’,
‘Safari’ => ‘(Safari)’,
‘Search Bot’=>'(nuhk)|(Googlebot)|(Yammybot)|(Openbot)|(Slurp/cat)|(msnbot)|(ia_archiver)’

foreach($oses as $os=>$pattern){ // Loop through $oses array
// Use regular expressions to check operating system type
if(eregi($pattern, $userAgent)) { // Check if a value in $oses array matches current user agent.
return $os; // Operating system was matched so return $oses key
return ‘Unknown’; // Cannot find operating system so return Unknown

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