PHP – Get current URL with querystring values

function getCurrentURL() {
$protocol = “http”;
if($_SERVER[“SERVER_PORT”]==443 || (!empty($_SERVER[“HTTPS”]) && $_SERVER[“HTTPS”]==”on”)) {
$protocol .= “s”;
$protocol_port = $_SERVER[“SERVER_PORT”];
} else {
$protocol_port = 80;
$host = $_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”];
$port = $_SERVER[“SERVER_PORT”];
$request_path = $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”];
$querystr = $_SERVER[“QUERY_STRING”];
$url = $protocol.”://”.$host.(($port!=$protcol_port && strpos($host,”:”)==-1)?”:”.$port:””).$request_path.(empty($querystr)?””:”?”.$querystr);
return $url;

echo “Path: “.getCurrentURL();


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  1. Thanks Salvam, this is exactly what I was looking for. Well, almost 🙂
    Can you tell me how to search for a specific string withing the html document? For example, I would like to use your code to search the html of the current page to find the string “

    <h2>Equivalent to only $2.92 monthly</h2>" so I can change it to <h2 class="featured">Equivalent to only $2.92 monthly</h2>

    I hope that makes sense. I’m a newbee 🙂

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