Skype / Xampp Port Conflict – How to overcome the problem

XAMPP is a software package which installs a copy of the Apache Server, Mysql, PHP and Perl onto a Windows computer and allows for local development of PHP and Mysql scripts without the need for uploading onto your Hosting account to test for errors, etc. A really simple to install set of softwares for those who need it. The manual install of all of these softwares can be difficult, but the Installer supplied by XAMPP reduces the difficulty factor down to a single download and essentially a one-click install.

SKYPE is a software which allows using the Internet to make phone calls and also offers a Chat service within the same software package. Works well. For a small fee, you can also have Skype become your phone provider, somehow, I am not exactly certain how it all works but apparently it is cheaper than a land line and works for cell phones, too.

Now, the purpose of this Tutorial is to explain that I have had XAMPP installed for a couple of months now, and have never had any problems with it that weren’t my own doing, sort of. Like when you delete a folder and those scripts won’t run any more isn’t really a software issue, is it.

Recently, I have not been able to use the Apache Server on my machine and have been perplexed by why it didn’t work. I un-installed, downloaded a new version, re-installed, etc, several times, but nope, no go… Today it became an absolute neccessity that I test a script so I really needed the Xampp to be properly functioning, so away I go to the Google thing and try to find the problem.

Well… I have only had Skype for a couple of weeks now, and it works terrific, BUT, by searching out this problem, I discovered that Skype uses PORT 80 on the Computer as a secondary PORT for communicating with the Main Server. Guess which PORT Apache uses??? Right, PORT 80… CONFLICT…

The fix is as simple as firing up Skype, selecting TOOLS > OPTIONS > Connections and un-checking the use of PORT 80 as an alternative port for incoming calls. Then close and re-open Skype. Simple, easy and quick.
So save yourself a bunch of headaches and if you have an Apache Server installed and also want Skype to run along side it, this is the fix…

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