Resize image without GD by ratio

function ResizeRatioWidth($imagewidth, $imageheight, $maxwidth) {
if($imagewidth>$maxwidth) {
$ratio = $maxwidth / $imagewidth;
$newheight = $imageheight * $ratio;
return ‘ width=”‘.$maxwidth.'” height=”‘.$newheight.'”‘;
} else {
return ‘ width=”‘.$imagewidth.'” height=”‘.$imageheight.'”‘;

$url = “”;
$imageinfo = getimagesize($url);
echo ‘<img src=”‘.$url.'” border=0 alt=””><br><br><img src=”‘.$url.'” border=0 alt=”” ‘.ResizeRatioWidth($imageinfo[0],$imageinfo[1],100).’>’;


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I am Selvam. I am very jolly person and frank one.

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